Our Story


We have moved our shop to Bremerton from downtown Seattle where we created fine custom jewelry for over 20 years. We plan to carry on the same tradition in our new location, designing amazing custom jewelry for our customers.

From doodles, dreams and sketches, we translate your inspirations into beautiful and unique designs. We encourage our customers to come up with symbols, ideas and concepts, drawing inspiration from artwork, photos, stories and experiences. We help translate all of that information into an evolution of renderings and wax models that bring your ideas to life, and continue to develop them together until the emerging design is perfect and unique! Our designs are as individual and varied as our customers and we encourage you to express your creativity in your custom piece. Our process has worked for over 19,000 pieces and counting, without making the same ring twice!

Custom jewelry can immortalize new beginnings, important life events, and personal milestones. We invite our customers to include their friends and family to share in the experience of our unique casting parties. You wield the torch to cast the gold, transforming molten metal right before your own eyes!

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We strongly believe that owning a beautiful piece of jewelry should be guilt free, which is why we use 100% recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds. And we believe in love and have always proudly supported the LGBTQ community.