Become Part of the Process

Out of sketches and scribbles we develop a design  of your future piece of jewelry. This leads to the development of a wax model that you approve before we go on to the next step.

We form wax models in multiple ways, using exclusively hand-carved techniques, computer technology or a mix of both. We take the evolved wax model and encase it in a heat-resistant plaster. Then we bake it, creating a cavity in the plaster that is the exact shape of the wax.

Casting is the most exciting part of jewelry making, and we invite you to join in the process. Bring friends and family to your casting party and celebrate the occasion together as you hold the torch and melt the gold yourself. This is possible for all jewelry made of white, yellow or rose gold. After casting, we polish the piece and do any stone setting and finish work. This is how we create jewelry that is a unique expression of your life.

At Goldmine Design we create our custom jewelry in 18k white and yellow gold, 14k rose gold or platinum. All of our precious metals are 100% recycled content. We can also reset your own gemstones into new pieces. We offer Sri Lanka sapphires, conflict-free diamonds, and a variety of gemstones produced from low-impact mining with fair labor practices. We borrow these gems and diamonds in from our suppliers then choose them with you, selecting only what work best. Purchasing stones individually in this manner is the best way to choose the top stones from a high quality selection.

Our History

The genesis of Goldmine was John Winters, who started the business in 1972 and opened his shop just south of Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in 1994. Then in 2007, Cindi Hansen took ownership from her longstanding partner and she and her group of talented artisans have created exquisite custom jewelry for the past 16 years.

Now we have closed this shop and have opened a new one in Bremerton, much closer to Cindi's home in the growing community of Kitsap County. While we were sad to leave our Seattle location near Pike Place Market we are excited to continue to make beautiful jewelry for you!